Guidelines for Contributors
Video Otoscopy Case Studies
of clinical interest and import

Edited by:
Roy F. Sullivan, Ph.D.

© 2001

The VO FORUM will incorporate a limited number of contributed cases. Guidelines for participation are as follows:

  • 1. Review some of the recently contributed VO case studies and note the quality of VO images, audiometric and clinical documentation.

  • 2. If your contribution is of comparable interest and has not been published elsewhere, e-Mail a succinct summary of the case with attached .jpg format VO image(s).

  • 3. Audiometric and tympanometric data may be helpful but are not required. These may be faxed or mailed if a scanner is not available to you.

  • 4. Where appropriate, include medical or histological validation of findings and/or VO observations.

  • 5. I will e-mail back to you an expression of my interest in the case and a request for additional data as may be required.

  • 6. I will edit and format the case presentation and provide a preview URL at which you can view the pre-posting case study.

  • 7. If you approve, I will ask you to e-mail an authorization to post.

  • 8. Due to limited personal resources for this voluntary continuing education effort, I am unable to editorially process more than one case per week.

  • 9. Accepted cases will be listed in as featured, one week at a time.

  • 10. Once posted, the case study will remain in the archived case study index.
Roy F. Sullivan, Ph.D., FAAA
E-mail: r@rcsullivan.com
Editor, Video Otoscopy Forum