Roy F. Sullivan, Ph.D. (11/01/1995)

Counseling a CIC patient on the proper insertion technique can be enhanced significantly by use of a transparent investment. Traditionally made of an opaque material, the clear silicone investment allows a well-lighted VOM (video oto-macroscopic) representation to the patient of the instrument's appearance in situ (Figure A, inline below; A+B=21k). The faceplate may be clearly demonstrated in VOM close-up highlighting the microphone port, set screw volume control (SVC), battery compartment, vent and extraction tab(Figure B).

The curvature of the external auditory canal (EAC) can be demonstrated in a superior view (Figures C+D [18k], inline below). It is particularly helpful in elucidating the two stage CIC insertion process. The investment can be used as a visible model within which the patient can practice proper CIC orientation, insertion and removal.

The investment may also be used to correlate sources of discomfort, validated by Video Oto-Endoscopic (VOE) examination of the EAC, with instrument position. Grinding/buffing at the contact point(s) can be rendered with a high degree of exactitude.